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Imagine this: It's Monday morning and you're running late. You rush to work, grab your briefcase from the passenger seat and jump out of the car, ready to go, when suddenly you realize that you left your keys in the ignition! Now imagine this: you call Kuns Northcoast Security Center and they arrive within minutes to let you into your car. You retrieve your keys and arrive only 15 minutes late.

At Kuns Northcoast Security Center, this is one of the fast and professional services we provide that are each designed to keep your life running as smoothly as possible. We have been opening doors, changing locks, and offering a wide variety of security systems as well since 1996. So whether you need to be let in, or are trying to keep everyone else out, give us a call for your free security review and let us know how we can help.


We are a veteran owned business specializing in the following:

  • Burglar & Medical Emergency Alarm Systems by GE
  • U.L. Approved 24-Hr. Customer Monitoring
  • Custom Design & Installation
  • CCTV-Security Cameras
  • Complete Line of Locks, Door Hardware and Keys
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors
  • Locally Owned and Operated

We are members of the following Business Associations:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Sandusky Homebuilders Association
  • Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce
  • Associated Locksmiths of America
  • Safe & Vault Technicians Association

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