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Security Cameras

Watch your home or business from anywhere: Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer


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Not sure what level of security you are comfortable with?  Northcoast Security offers security systems that can expand as your home or business needs grow.


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Whether you are on vacation, at work, or out enjoying a day with the family, you can take comfort in knowing you have Northcoast Security.


Home Evasion

One in four homes will be broken into in 2015.

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Business Theft

Nearly half of all businesses will experience some sort of theft this year.

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All Northcoast Security customers sleep better at night knowing they are protected.

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As a company, we decided for the sake of safety and security that it would be a good idea to have the ability to watch and record what is happening around the perimeter of our facility. We had several security companies quote on various security camera options. We were please to find that local company, Kuns Northcoast Security not only proposed an outstanding solution, but offered it at the best price. Within a few weeks, Roger’s crew had a system of more than 25 cameras installed giving us a 360° view around the outside of our building.

Whether at a computer or using an app on our cell phones, Crown Battery now has the ability to instantly and continuously make sure all is safe outside our plant. There is nothing like the presence of video cameras to deter unwelcome activities.

Bob Michael, Director of Plant Engineering - Crown Battery
Kuns Northcoast Security Crown Battery

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